Supporting innovative cancer research projects is one of the core tasks of the two partner organisations - the Swiss Cancer League and the Swiss Cancer Research foundation. This site - Grants Application Portal (GAP) - is shared by these partner organisations for the interaction with their grant applicants and reviewers to enable proper recording, submission and administration throughout the entire application process.

There are two deadlines set for submitting applications for cancer research funding and bursaries: 31 January and 31 July. Online application submission opens 2 months prior to these deadlines.

If you wish to apply for funding, please refer to the corresponding information below before applying.


Application submission schedule for grants, bursaries, awards and conferences

Grant type & details

Opens Deadline

Cancer research grant, (January round),
information sheet 


end of November  



31 January


Bursary Applications (January round),
information sheet 

end of November 31 January

Cancer research grant, (July round),
information sheet 

end of May 31 July

Bursary Applications (July round),
information sheet 

end of May 31 July

Robert Wenner Award

to be announced  

Scientific Conferences
information sheet                   



submission 6 months prior to the event                                                                                                


Application submission schedule for programmes

Grant Type  Opens          Deadline
Health Services Research in 
Oncology and Cancer Care            
mid-July      15 September 


Application submission schedule for Krebsliga beider Basel
*for applicants from the Basel region only

Grant Type  Opens Deadline
Cancer Research Grant
Krebsliga beider Basel*
1 December      15 February


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